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Tennis Court Rules and Policies


For the enjoyment of our members and the longevity of our facilities, the tennis courts are to be used for tennis only unless permission is granted for special activities such as boot camp and yoga. In addition, please note the following Wakefield Chapel tennis policies.

HOURS:  Courts are open 7:00AM to 10:00PM daily, year round.

GUESTS:  Guests are welcome to enjoy the Wakefield Chapel courts so long as a member is present. Non-members may register or drop-in for clinics at the non-member price, which includes a nominal court fee.

RESERVATIONS:  Reservations are not required however members are encouraged to keep play at a 1 hour block of time for singles play and 1 1/2 hour blocks for doubles play.

LIGHTS:  The courts are lighted for evening use. Switches are located for the upper courts in the corner closest to the tennis office and on the lower court in the corner closest to the street and in between the upper and lower courts.

PROHIBITED Pets, skateboards, skates, bicycles, scooters, horseplay, profanity, ANY sport other than tennis.

REQUIRED:  Proper court shoes. No bare feet or flip flops.

LOCKS:  Please pull the doors shut and locked when leaving the courts to discourage non-member use.