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Welcome to WCRA!



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Below are the ways to join the fun for 2020! 

Newly Bonded Member:  Interested individuals should complete the membership application and pay a one-time, refundable (upon sale) bond fee of $950, plus annual dues currently at $475.  Permanent members own 1/500th of the pool facilities, have full rights to use the facilities and may serve on the Board of Directors. 

Military Member:  To assist the many military families who reside in our community for short durations, the military membership allows these families to rent a membership at the current annual dues rate of $500.  Families may obtain a military membership up to three times before needing to purchase a full bonded membership.

Returning Bonded Member: Pay your dues online today!

  • Regular annual dues are $475 if paid March 1 through 11:59 PM, May 22, 2020.

Late Fees: As of 12:00 AM, May 23, 2020 the late fee will be assessed at $100, no exceptions.

We are not offering Temporary Memberships at this time.  

Please review the bylaws here.

NO amounts paid to WCRA are dedecutible as charitable contributions for tax purposes, including annual dues, swim, tennis and dive fees, "guilt-free" clean-up contributions, late fees, other contributions, etc.    


**All New Membership requests - please email with the 5 items listed below to receive a new account login/password to the Membership system.

  1. Primary contact (First, Last name)
  2. Home Address
  3. Primary phone Number
  4. Primary email address
  5. Type of membership being requested (Bonded, Military or Temporary )