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Snack Bar Summer 2017 Employment

Currently Accepting Applications

Deadline: April 24, 2017


Applications should be submitted no later than April 24th (there are no exceptions) to the WCRA PO Box: 


P.O. Box 1248 

Springfield, VA 22151

The snack bar worker position is a job, paying minimum wage, requiring typical and state firms plus a signed employee agreement which specifies expectations and responsibility of the position. The snack bar has strict policies and procedures, such as the expectation that employees will honor their schedules or get subs. Any questions should be addressed to Cary Fichtner-Vu 703-861-8259 or 


Download the application in the Documents folder here.

Download an I-9 for Employment Verification here

Download the IRS form W-4 form here.

Download the Virginia VA-4 form here.